Shubang creates and implements Advertising, Communications & Media initiatives for Businesses and Organizations of all types so they may rise above the fray and effectively manage their Public Images. Our personalized approach and extensive experience can be the critical difference in the successful outcome of your communications out reach-whether you are introducing a new venture or product, reaching out to new   customers, differentiating yourself from competitors, managing a crisis, or shaping public policy.

Delivering unmatched senior-level experience and personal attention, we guide our clients through an increasingly complex media-centric environment and have helped number of companies more effectively work with all forms of media to achieve their business goals. Our proven ability to design and deliver successful campaigns, find creative solutions to challenging communications assignments and exceed client expectations has earned us a reputation as a valued partner and as an emerging leader.

Shubang has the expertise of offering full range services in the areas of: Broadcast & Corporate Communications, Advertising, Social Marketing, Public Affairs, New Media Initiatives, Media Relations. At Shubang we believe good communications can build and nurture reputation, corporate or brand - which is what we're here to do for you. Our services are bench-marked as the best, and are designed to meet your specific needs and make a real measurable impact on your business. We provide insight based consultancy to help you meet your strategic as well as tactical goals. We create 360 degree communication programmes, which are unique in their simplicity and clarity of their messages.

The Shubang Group is a leading independent communications & public relations, advertising, new media company. The company is distinguished by passion, knowledge and belief. They are pockets of genius. Increasingly, our clients are asking us for multi-disci-plinary solutions. When our companies collaborate and combine their imagination, ideas and focus, the results for clients are never less than outstanding.

We serve clients – including India and global brands. Our great strength is the experience we have drawn from serving such a wide client base. It enables us to bring you the communication solutions you need, so you can achieve better results.

We have experience in a wide range of industry sectors, including New Media, Animation & Gaming, Travel & Tourism, FMCG, Entertainment, Healthcare, Real Estate, Power & Energy and Education, Public Affairs & Sports. Our people are leaders in their fields and have the skills and experience to use any medium and reach any audience anywhere in the world. Which is one reason why The Shubang Group is the leading marketing   communications & public relations consultancy

Our communication strategies are founded on proprietary methodologies to ensure a powerful combination of innovation and the discipline of 'results based' execution. We strive to build enduring relationships with Clients, Partners and Colleagues, based on mutual respect and trust in doing the right thing. We demand and give the highest level of ethical conduct and work hard to build an honest partnership.

PRACTICE AREAS: Our areas of operational expertise provide our clients with deep, focused state-of-the-art centres of excellence! This enables us to work together on greater challenges sharing knowledge, while also, applying insight to local issues.


What are the communication and business challenges facing today's companies, organizations and government agencies? Our areas of expertise responds to those challenges whether you are developing a brand in the age of networked marketing or building Public-Private Partnerships.

Communication is now, about participating in a conversation, not broadcasting a message.   The way brands communicate has changed dramatically as a result of disintermediation,   technology and globalization. We have moved away from the era of linear communication.   Now content can be created, shared and consumed by anyone. There is a constant loop of   feedback, which companies need to listen and adapt to. In the future, communication will   become even faster and more frequent, more fragmented. Responsiveness and adaptability   will be crucial to success. Content will be visual, not just verbal. It will be interactive, not   just interesting. Business and social concepts will be intertwined. Brands will need to learn   to live with crises and without control.

Communications & PR will become ‘stakeholder engagement’. PR, social media and digital   marketing will be integrated & will be more measurable than ever. There will also be some   constants: the need for compelling content; the ability to understand what the journalist,   blogger or customer really needs; the importance of proactivity and speed; the alignment of communications objectives with business goals.

Our approach is to help clients make sense of these changes. We help clients navigate the new media landscape and adapt their communications strategies. We implement campaigns that incorporate the entire cycle of communication: content creation, content optimization, engagement, monitoring and measurement. We take a highly integrated approach, incorporating both traditional and innovative trends by using the most relevant tools and technologies.

The diversity of the group and the international reach of its activities allow us to be active in a wide range of sectors around the world, offering our clients a full range of services. We provide niche services where needed, but increasingly we deliver integrated solutions to our clients. We put senior consultants with relevant experience in charge, developing strategies, overseeing implementation, and drawing on all the services from across that a client would need.

Within our practice areas, we offer a variety of speciality communication programmes & how our brand of Communications & PR, Advertising & Media fits into your market ing-mix, and how we can help you achieve your business and communications goals. We are results-oriented, ensuring that campaigns meet clients business goals. We use our strong journalistic heritage to ensure it is compelling and impactful. In short, we make communications in today’s environment accessible, practical, measurable and effective. Learn more about our capabilities in our expertise.

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